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YouTube Channel addon for WordPress allows you to display widget with latest or random video from YouTube channel, playlist or favorite. After installation simply add widget to sidebar, enter name of channel or playlist ID, and the latest video from selected resource will be shown on your site.

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In addition to show the latest videos, YouTube Channel allow user to:

  • show video as HTML5 (iframe), Flash (object), Chromeless Player (flash object) or thumbnail
  • show one or more videos
  • show random videos from channel, favorites or playlist
  • show individual videos from playlist
  • embed whole YouTube playlist block
  • set aspect ratio of displayed videos (16:9, 16:10 and 4:3)
  • set custom video width (default 220 px)
  • enable video autoplay (not on mobile devices)
  • mute video on autoplay (only for HTML5 option)
  • hide video controls from player
  • HTML5 valid code
  • caching youtube feeds

And that is not all! You can also:

  • set custom widget title
  • toggle name of video above object
  • toggle video info
  • toggle visibility and set custom text for link to channel
  • enable opening video when thumbnail is displayed in new tab/window (by javascript for valid XHTML or with target)


Or visit official page here

Development or previous versions


YouTube Channel is easy to install, same as any other extension. You can do it manual or automatic.

  1. For manual installation: download, unpack archive and upload directory youtube-channel to wp-content/plugins/ directory on your hosting server with some FTP client (I recommend free and safe FileZilla).
  2. For automatic installation: go to PluginsAdd New, enter keyword youtube channel, click Search button, click link Install Now.


After activation on Plugins page, add widget to sidebar on Appearance Widgets, and proceed with widget configuration.

Please note, only Channel ID name is required, or on your site will be displayed video from my channel. All other options are optional.

Video tutorial

Add New Widget

Use Playlist

How To Get Debug Info

Main Settings

YouTube Channel: Main Settings

YouTube Channel: Main Settings

  1. Playlist ID: enter YouTube playlist ID (and not playlist name!), or you can paste URL to playlist and YTC will extract playlist ID for you.
  2. Resource to use: select source of videos to display from. Can be channel, favorites or playlist.
  3. Embed standard playlist: enable displaying whole playlist block instead individual video from playlist. This option will be displayed only when Channel is selected for Resource to use.
  4. Fetch # video(s): set quantity of latest channel/playlist videos from which YTC will select random video/s.
  5. Show # video(s): set number of video objects to be shown
  6. Use Enhanced Privacy: prevent YouTube to set cookies to visitor’s browser on load
  7. Fix No items error: while YTC used RSS Feed to fetch video infos from YouTube, this option has usefull if YTC print that error message and when latest uploaded video has not seen because of YouTube caching. Now we use JSON feed but need confirmation that this option have no affect to new way of fetching video infos.
  8. Show random video: when you wish to show random video on every page load, instead latest video.

Video Settings

YouTube Channel: Video Settings

YouTube Channel: Video Settings

  1. Width: set custom width of video/thumbnail in pixels (default is 220)
  2. Aspect ratio: chose target aspect ratio for video (custom, 4:3, 16:10 or 16:9)
  3. What to show: chose between thumbnail, HTML5, Flash or Chromeless player
  4. Use light theme: set white controls instead default dark gray
  5. Hide player controls: do not show player controls
  6. Fix height by controls: when player controls are not hidden, add controls height to video height
  7. Autoplay video or playlist: if enabled, video will autostart on load

Content Layout

YouTube Channel: Content Layout

YouTube Channel: Content Layout

  1. Show video title: if enabled, video title will be displayed above object
  2. Show video description: if enabled, video description will be displayed below object
  3. Description length: set number of characters to cut down length of video description; for full length use 0 (zero)
  4. Et cetera string: set string to be appended to shortened description
  5. Hide annotations from video: do not show annotations on video during playback
  6. Hide video info: do not show video title over video during playback

Link to Channel

YouTube Channel: Link to Channel

YouTube Channel: Link to Channel

  1. Visit YouTube Channel text: custom call to action text for link to channel. You can use placeholder %channel% that will be replaced with cnannel name. Default text is: Visit channel %channel%
  2. Show link to channel: toggle link to channel below all videos. Link will open (based on selection from drop-down list below this option):
    1. same window
    2. new window with JavaScript function
    3. new window with anchor attribute target=”_blank)

Debug YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel: Debug YTC

YouTube Channel: Debug YTC

  1. Enable debugging: if in some way YouTube Channel does not work as you expect, and you think there is something that not works properly, please enable debugging option and post content from textarea below to support forum, so we can help you and/or fix issue.

Customize look and feel

We implemented classes for all YouTube Channel objects, so we can easy style presence of YTC by personal preferences. Simply add to style.css for your theme styling for classes:

  • .widget_youtube_channel – class of whole widget (parent for widget title and YTC block)
  • .youtube_channel – YTC block wrapper class
  • .ytc_title – class of H3 tag for video title aboe thumbnail/video object
  • .ytc_video_container – class of container for single item, plus:
    • .ytc_video_1, .ytc_video_2, … – class of container for single item with ordering number of item in widget
    • .ytc_video_first – class of first container for single item
    • .ytc_video_last – class of last container for single item
    • .ytc_video_mid – class of all other containers for single item
  • .ytc_description – class for video description text below thumbnail/video object
  • .ytc_link – class of container for link to channel

Widget in action

YouTube Channel preview (random video, w/o title and description)

YouTube Channel preview (random video, w/o title and description)

YouTube Channel preview (latest video, w/ title and description)

YouTube Channel preview (latest video, w/ title and description)



Chromeless video option has taken from plugin Chromeless YouTube.

Localisation enabled in version 0.1.3 thanks to Milan Dinić.

And we appreciate your support

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4 thoughts on “YouTube Channel”

  1. Hi, I cant get the pluggin to work. Here is the debug code i am getting.

    server: Apache/2.2.25 (Unix) mod_hive/3.6 mod_ssl/2.2.25 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 DAV/2 mod_qos/10.10 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ mod_jk/1.2.37

  2. I installed your youtube channel plugin, but have a problem. I have set it up, but from the site I click on visit youtube channel (TradingOptions4Income) it takes me to youtube and youtube says channel doesn’t exist. But it does exist, I can go to it with no problem. I have checked the typing in the link and its correct. Can you offer any suggestions?


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