5 Years [Deprecated]

WordPress theme 5 Years was built following goals: simple and light theme for fifth anniversary of my blog.

You can download 5 Years from WordPress Themes or from here:

5 Years has been built on 960 Grid System, with minimal number of used colours:

  • Techcrunch green [#008C00]
  • Flock Blue [#4096EE]
  • Flickr Pink [#FF0084]
  • Ruby on Rails Red [#B02B2C]

Features of 5 Years theme

  • light
  • two columns
  • right hand side sidebar
  • widgets supported
  • RHS widget area (Primary)
  • foru widget areas below content
  • support for Posts per Cat
  • translated to English and Serbian
  • supported wp_head and wp_footer hooks
  • two columns for recent posts on front page
  • support gravatar
  • comments from blog author highlighted in different colour
  • valid XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1
  • customized layout for Print media w/o unnecessarily elements
  • visual indicator for number of comments (gray icon = no comments, blue icon = up to 10 comments, red icon = more than 10 comments)
  • released under terms of GNU GPLv3

How it looks

Blog look with 5 Years theme w/o Posts per Cat plugin, with customized widgets:

Legal Terms

Theme 5 Years has been published under terms of GNU GPLv3. If you wish to enhance or modify it, feel free to do that. I will just like to you leave link to this website in footer.