Stock Ticker

Stock Ticker

Stock Ticker is a WordPress extension that helps you easily display ticker tape with stock price information with data provided by

If you need fully customized functionality of stock ticker (like Share Price or Stock Ticker FMDQ OTC), feel free to contact me.

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  • Set a global set of symbols you’ll use site-wide
  • Configure the default set of stock symbols that will be displayed in the ticker inserted by the empty shortcode
  • Configure the default presence of the company as a Company Name or as a Stock Symbol
  • Configure colours for the unchanged quote, negative and positive changes with a colour picker
  • Disable the scrolling ticker and make it static
  • Define custom names for companies to be used instead of the symbols
  • Define custom elements as a part of visible value


Download the plugin below or visit the official WordPress page for Stock Ticker, or the official GitHub page


We are doing our best to keep the plugin secure and patched for discovered vulnerabilities.

You can check the Stock Ticker page on Wordfence Intelligence and Patchstack.


Easy install Stock Ticker as any other ordinary WordPress plugin

  1. Go to Plugins –> Add New
  2. Search for the Stock Ticker plugin
  3. Install and activate Stock Ticker
  4. Get a free API Key from
  5. In WordPress Dashboard go to Settings –> Stock Ticker
  6. Enter API Key Alpha Vantage API Key you got in the previous step (check this screenshot)
  7. To the field All Stock Symbols enter all stock symbols you’ll use on the website, separated by a comma. This field is used to fetch stock data from API by AJAX in the background. Because AV has only API to get data for a single symbol, that can take a while to get. Please note, that for default symbols we still have the field in the Default Settings section of the plugin.
  8. Enable Auto Refresh option because on the first load if we do not have data downloaded from they will be loaded through AJAX after a while.
  9. Insert shortcode [stock_ticker] to page or post, or Stock Ticker Widget to preferred Widget Area

Supported Stock Exchange Markets

  • BOM – Bombay Stock Exchange
  • TSE – Canadian/Toronto Securities Exchange
  • FRA – Deutsche Boerse Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • ETR – Deutsche Boerse Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • AMS – Euronext Amsterdam
  • EBR – Euronext Brussels
  • ELI – Euronext Lisbon
  • EPA – Euronext Paris
  • LON – London Stock Exchange
  • NASDAQ – NASDAQ Exchange
  • CPH – NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen
  • HEL – NASDAQ OMX Helsinki
  • ICE – NASDAQ OMX Iceland
  • NYSE – New York Stock Exchange
  • SHA – Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • SHE – Shenzhen Stock Exchange
  • TPE – Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • TYO – Tokyo Stock Exchange

Not supported:

  • MCX – Moscow Exchange (since December 2018) – eg. MCX:GAZP
  • ASX – Australian Securities Exchange (since since May 2020) – eg. ASX:MSB
  • SGX – Singapore Exchange (since July 13th 2020) – eg. C29.SI
  • NSE – National Stock Exchange of India (since July 2020) – eg. NSE:VB
  • STO – NASDAQ OMX Stockholm (since October 2021) – eg. STO:ATCO-A
  • BIT – Borsa Italiana Milan Stock Exchange (since December 2023) – eg. BIT:OLI


First of all, define the basic settings for the plugin on Settings –> Stock Ticker page. There you can set:

  • Single or list of stock symbols separated by comma (example: GOOG,YHOO,MSFT,AAPL).
  • How the company will be presented on the ticker (as the company name or as a stock symbol).
  • Colour for unchanged quote, negative change and positive change.
  • Custom names for symbols that will be used (example: “Cisco Systems Inc.”). Single symbol per line in format SYMBOL;CUSTOM_NAME (symbol and name separated with the semicolon).
  • Cache timeout for caching feeds (prevent slow website load when you have huge traffic).
  • The custom error message will be displayed instead of quotes in the ticker when the app fails to load quotes.
  • Custom CSS style for ticker item (font family, font size, font weight).

Then you can insert the ticker as:

  • shortcode [stock_ticker] on post or page
  • widget to the preferred widget area
  • by inserting PHP code to the theme file: <?php echo do_shortcode("[stock_ticker]"); ?>


For both the shortcode and the widget, you can additionally customize and use multiple instances with a different set of stock symbols and quote colours.


Shortcode supports the same parameters as default settings and the widget. Full syntax example:

  • Loading stock data, please wait...

So, the available parameters are:

  • symbols – string with a single or comma-separated array of stock symbols
  • show – string that defines how the company will be represented on the ticker; can be name for Company Name, or symbol for Stock Symbol
  • number_format – override default number format for values (default from this settings page used if no custom set by shortcode). Valid options are: cd for 0.000,00dc for 0,000.00sd for 0 000.00 and sc for 0 000,00
  • decimals – override the default number of decimal places for values (default from this settings page used if no custom is set by shortcode). Valid values are: 123 and 4
  • static – (boolean) to enable static unordered list instead of scrolling ticker set to 1 or true
  • prefill – (boolean) to start with pre-filled instead of empty ticker set to 1 or true
  • duplicate – (boolean) if there are fewer items than visible on the ticker, set this to 1 or true to make it continuous
  • speed – (integer) tune speed of StockTicker block rendered by shortcode
  • class – customize block look and feel set custom CSS class (optional)


The multi-instance widget can be re-configured with all settings available for default plugin settings. So, you can (again) set individual:

  • stock symbols
  • how will the company be represented (as name or stock symbol)
  • colour for the unchanged quote, negative and positive change
  • make ticker static (or not)


And we appreciate your support

If you have any questions regarding the Stock Ticker plugin, feel free to raise a new topic on the official Stock Ticker Community Forum.

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