Stock Ticker is extension for WordPress that help you to easy display ticker tape with stock prices information with data provided by Yahoo Finance Google Finance

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Google in September 2017 completely abandoned free stock API I used for Stock Ticker plugin. That is reason why I switch to for stock data from version 3.0.0 of plugin.
Plugin is also available on GitHub
If you need fully customized functionality of stock ticker (like Share Price or Stock Ticker FMDQ OTC), feel free to contact me.

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  • Set global set of symbols you’ll use site-wide
  • Configure default set of stock symbols that will be displayed in ticker inserted by empty shortcode
  • Configure default presence of company as Company Name or as Stock Symbol
  • Configure colours for unchanged quote, negative and positive changes with colour picker
  • Disable scrolling ticker and make it static
  • Define custom names for companies to be used instead of the symbols
  • Define custom elements as a part of visible value


Download plugin below or visit WordPress page for Stock Ticker.

Or visit official page here


Easy install Stock Ticker as any other ordinary WordPress plugin

  1. Go to Plugins –> Add New
  2. Search for Stock Ticker plugin
  3. Install and activate Stock Ticker
  4. Get a free API Key from
  5. In WordPress Dashboard go to Settings –> Stock Ticker
  6. Enter in field API Key Alpha Vantage API Key you got in previous step (check this screenshot)
  7. In field All Stock Symbols enter all stock symbols you’ll use on website, separated by comma. This field is used to fetch stock data from API by AJAX in background. Because AV have only API to get data for single symbol, that can take a while to get. Please note, for default symbols we still have field in Default Settings section of plugin.
  8. Enable Auto Refresh option because on first load if we do not have data downloaded from they will be loaded through AJAX after a while.
  9. Insert shortcode [stock_ticker] to page or post, or Stock Ticker Widget to preferred Widget Area

Supported Stock Exchange Markets

  • ASX – Australian Securities Exchange
  • BOM – Bombay Stock Exchange
  • BIT – Borsa Italiana Milan Stock Exchange
  • TSE – Canadian/Toronto Securities Exchange
  • FRA – Deutsche Boerse Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • ETR – Deutsche Boerse Frankfurt Stock Exchange
  • AMS – Euronext Amsterdam
  • EBR – Euronext Brussels
  • ELI – Euronext Lisbon
  • EPA – Euronext Paris
  • LON – London Stock Exchange
  • MCX – Moscow Exchange
  • NASDAQ – NASDAQ Exchange
  • CPH – NASDAQ OMX Copenhagen
  • HEL – NASDAQ OMX Helsinki
  • ICE – NASDAQ OMX Iceland
  • STO – NASDAQ OMX Stockholm
  • NSE – National Stock Exchange of India
  • NYSE – New York Stock Exchange
  • SGX – Singapore Exchange
  • SHA – Shanghai Stock Exchange
  • SHE – Shenzhen Stock Exchange
  • TPE – Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • TYO – Tokyo Stock Exchange


First of all, define basic settings for plugin on Settings –> Stock Ticker page. There you can set:

  • Single or list of stock symbols separate by comma (example: GOOG,YHOO,MSFT,AAPL).
  • How company will be presented on ticker (as company name or as stock symbol).
  • Colour for unchanged quote, negative change and positive change.
  • Custom names for symbols that will be used (example: “Cisco Systems Inc.”). Single symbol per line in format SYMBOL;CUSTOM_NAME (symbol and name separated with semicolon).
  • Cache timeout for caching feeds (prevent slow website load when you have huge traffic).
  • Custom error message that will be displayed instead of quotes in ticker when app fail to load quotes.
  • Custom CSS style for ticker item (font family, font size, font weight).

Then you can insert ticker as:

  • shortcode [stock_ticker] on post or page
  • widget to preferred widget area
  • by inserting PHP code to theme file: <?php echo do_shortcode("[stock_ticker]"); ?>


Both, shortcode and widget, you can additionally customize and use multiple instances with different set of stock symbols and quote colours.


Shortcode support same parameters as default settings and widget. Full syntax example:

So, available parameters are:

  • symbols – (string) single or comma separated stock symbols
  • show – (string) can be name for Company Name or symbol for Stock Symbol
  • number_format override default number format for values (default from this settings page used if no custom set by shortcode). Valid options are: cd for 0.000,00dc for 0,000.00sd for 0 000.00 and sc for 0 000,00
  • decimals override default number of decimal places for values (default from this settings page used if no custom set by shortcode). Valid values are: 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • static – (boolean) enable static unordered list instead scrolling ticker
  • prefill – (boolean) to start with pre-filled instead empty ticker set to 1 or true
  • duplicate – (boolean) if there is less items than visible on the ticker, set this to 1 or true to make it continuous
  • speed – (integer) tune speed of StockTicker block rendered by shortcode
  • class – customize block look and feel set custom CSS class (optional)


Multi instance widget can be re-configured with all settings available for default plugin settings. So, you can (again) set individual:

  • stock symbols
  • how will company be represented (as name or stock symbol)
  • colour for unchanged quote, negative and positive change
  • make ticker static (or not)


And we appreciate your support

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  1. Hi, I just downloaded and installed your Stock Ticker plugin, but when I try to activate it I get the following Error message:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/content/m/a/n/manonfire2/html/redemptor/wp-content/plugins/stock-ticker/widget.php on line 154

    I run WP v3.8.1.

    Do you know what could be the problem?


  2. Hi Alek,

    Nice plugin! For some reason the Dow doesn’t show up. Any ideas? I also don’t see your widget in the widget menu, so I just added an HTML TEXT widget.

    [stock_ticker symbols="^DJI,^IXIC,^GSPC" show="name" zero="#000" minus="#f00" plus="#0f0"]

    See home page right column to view.


    1. Hi Rob,

      Unfortunately, YQL (Yahoo Finances) does not provide ^DIJ and INDU for API calls. More info here.

      Now, I’m wondering why you don’t see Stock Ticker widget. Can you please tell me do you use Stock Ticker 0.1.1 and what WordPress and PHP you have on site?

      Thank you for feedback

  3. Thanks for your quick response!

    I do have the latest of all. What is the widget name? Maybe I’m just not finding it, however I looked a few times.

    Stock Ticker 0.1.1
    WP 3.8.1
    PHP 5

  4. Just says PHP 5 on a GoDaddy Deluxe account.

    Widget not there and I looked in both Chrome and Firefox. There is extra space between Search and TagCloud which may mean “something” is there.

    I can email you a screenshot if you want to see.

    1. Screenshot could not help. But, we can try something like this:

      1. install BlackBox Debug Bar plugin
      2. activate it and go to Widgets page
      3. Click Errors item in debug bar, select all output, copy and paste on PasteBin
      4. send here pastebin link and disable DebugBar on your site

      I’ll try to see if there is some error in backend. Hope that will help 🙂


  5. Hi Alek,

    I have installed the plugin on my WP 3.8 but when I use it as widget it does not work (you can see it on the home right sidebar).

    Do you know what could be the problem?

    1. Hi Salvo,

      As I can see on your site, StockTicker works in RHS sidebar. Is that ST inserted as widget or as shortcode?


      Can you please provide screenshot so I can see how looks when StockTicker does not work on your website?

  6. I can’t get the ticker to continuously scroll. I have it going across my entire page, but it stops once it reaches the left most margin. I tried adding more symbols than the page length could hold, but it still stops, although it may be because I’m building the site in local host at the moment.

    Any ideas?

    – Fletcher Martin

  7. Hi Aleksandar
    I installed version Newer versions don’t work at all. As you can see I don’t have scrolling. Can you help me. Last WP version.


  8. Hi is there anyway to get symbols like “BHP.AX” and other ASX stocks to work in the ticker?

    Great plugin -thanks!

    1. Hi Mat. As I can see in my test environment (WP 3.9 nightly build and Stock Ticker 0.1.3), BHP.AX works just fine.

      BHP.AX in StockTicker

      Do you have more info where that does not work (website, what StockTicker settings)?

      1. I have noticed however, that the shortcode simply doesn’t work for me.

        The widget works fine, however using either the PHP code or shortcode – nothing loads/scrolls.

        I added add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode'); to functions and tried it in a text widget, but still the same problem 🙁

          1. The other short codes seem to work fine, even putting the code in the header doesn’t seem to work 🙁

            I would send you a link however it’s running locally at the moment. Do you have any ideas on how we could troubleshoot this if you have time?

          2. Can you please, until I fix this in SVN and release fixed version, edit stock-ticker.php file and in line 245 where you see

            insert in front of this code single return to get

    1. Hi guys,

      Hope you are having a great summer.

      Is there any news on the Stock Ticker plugin? I just came across it and installed but I get the CSV error. After reading your update I now understand that I am not able to use it until the next release.

      Looking forward to hearing from you,



      1. Summer was wonderfull, thanks for asking! 🙂

        You can still use StockTicker if you get package from my site, but until I get some time to replace stock source from Yahoo to something else, there will not be updates.

        If you get package from site here, can you please send me exact error_log warning you get with plugin.


  9. I found a little bug if you useu the plugin to show only one symbol. In this case, in fact, the Json reponse doesn’t create an array of quote, but just a single element, so the parsing fail

  10. Hej Aleks, kako sad da uzmem ovaj tvoj ticker i da ga insertujem u header ako nemam widget za header, tj hocu da ga stavim izand headera da on bude na samom vrhu stranice?

    1. Ubaci u header.php datoteku jedno

      I to bi trebalo da radi 😉

  11. I install this plugin, and when use the shortcode [stock_ticker] it didn’t show up anything ;(

  12. Hello!

    Excellent plugin. Easy to get going.

    However I have a small issue. I am using your plugin to show ASX:CXB stocks. While it does display the correct price on my website, when you click on it it actually links to CVE:CXB.

    Could you please help me change this?

  13. Hello Aleks,
    Does it auto refresh the stock quote after sometime? At my webpage, it doesn’t do until I refresh the web page where I have added the plugin. Am I not doing anything right?

    Also, plugin fail to fetch the data if it has special character e.g. NSE:M&M

    Overall, its a wonderful plugin. Thanks for sharing it.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Dheeraj,

      Plugin grab fresh data after Cache Timeout expire. This is set on Settings page – check here. Refreshing also depends on Google Finance data, so as resource have some timeout (10-15 minutes to refresh data), plugin does not actually refresh on second or minute basis.

      Until now no one requested or complained about codes with amps. So, I added that issue to TODO.


      1. Thanks Aleks.

        I could see the latest version with amps support. I really appreciate.

        I have seen the settings of cache timeout and it does fetch the latest data when you open the webpage. But if you leave the webpage untouched (no activity), ticker will continue to display the data which was fetched when the page was opened. You can check

        So, I need to refresh the webpage to fetch the latest data from Google finance.


  14. Hey there!

    Great plugin! Was just curious as to whether or not there is a way for the Stock Ticker to display/scroll ALL stocks on the NYSE?

    If so, would you mind sharing the short code?

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Jason,

      There is no such option. You’ll need to define (list) all ticker symbols of companies which you wish to display in ticker. Currently NYSE cover 1867 companies, so imagine that automated ticker 🙂


  15. Hi there!

    Any news on fixing the issue I mentioned previously? The correct stock ticker and price is show however when I click on the link it shows another company’s profile.

  16. The quotes doesnt appear in widget side. Can you help me? my site is

  17. We have this plugin on a client site – The client noticed as of April 1st that the “Ticker Name” they’ve set is no longer showing. I’m assuming this has to do with the March 31st update?

  18. Hi Aleksandar, the URL is We are running version 4.1.1 of WordPress and version 2.4.3 of the WP Stock Ticker. On the website you can see the stock ticker towards the bottom of the home page. We are referring to the white ticker names you see there. The client would like these to show as the name versus the ticker name. For example, the first ticker name is CLk15.NYM. However, the client would like this to show as Crude Oil May 15. Let us know if you have any more questions or if I can be of more help!

  19. Great pluging. I have one small problem. I installed it today. Ver 1.5 I can’t change the Predefine default settings. I make changes and they change back when i hit “Save Changes”. I’m running wordpress 4.2.2. Any idea?

    Thanks, Jerry

  20. Hello Aleksandar,
    Thank you in advance for your help. I just installed your stock ticker using short code on our site, . (for some reason the widget would not work, but the shortcode works fine). It seems like a fabulous applet, and everything works fine – except, the bottom of the text is cut off! It looks like the text is scrolling behind a white picket fence.
    I tried to meddle with the CSS, but not too much, as I am not a coder. Nothing I did affected the appearance. Could you please help? I really want to keep this widget.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Loren,

      You are probably have PHP lower than 5.3.0 on server, so that is why you do not see Stock Ticker widget on Widgets page. Can you please update plugin to just released v1.5.1 and try again?

      Regarding cut-off ticker, that happens because your theme. Add following code to your custom style and you’ll get full y visible Stock Ticker:

      div.custom-sidebar ul.stock_ticker {
      div.custom-sidebar ul.stock_ticker li {
      background: transparent;
      padding: 0 20px 0 0;


  21. Thank you for your prompt response! I am running PHP 5.5.26 I just updated the plugin to the new version, also. But, before that, I added the code to my custom style (actually I changed the background from transparent to black to make it more attractive) and that did the trick. Thank you for such a great plugin — and for prompt, accurate support!

  22. I have your Stock Ticker working nicely on this client’s website footer, but the one thing my client has asked for is for the Current Oil and Gas prices to be added to the ticker.
    I cannot for the life of me find the right link to add to the ticker to make them show up.
    I’ve been all through the Google Finance page, and can’t figure it out.
    Has anyone else got this to work?
    As far as I can tell the Current Oil and Gas prices are available on the NYMEX exchange, and use the symbols CL, CB and NG. But I end up with the stock prices for the company symbol CB and NG not the commodity.
    Any ideas?

  23. Hello, congratulations for your great plugin !

    Is there a way to accelerate the scrolling. I’d like to make it very fast on.

    Thanks in advance

  24. Hi,

    Im trying to use Swedish index: INDEXNASDAQ:OMXS30 but it don’t work. Also stocks like STO: ATCO-A don’t work. Do you have solutions for these ones?

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for the dash. I did not work. I uploaded the change and when I try to add for example STO:ATCO-A under “all stock symbols” and “stock symbols” it turns out this after I have pressed save STO:ATCOA

        1. Hi,

          It seems to work now. I uploaded the plugin once more.

          Thanks for your help!

  25. Hello,

    Is there any way to get this to work on WP Multisite? We love your plugin and would be willing to pay for your support.

    Many thanks,


  26. Hello, Thanks for the great plugin! I’m trying to fetch data from the Moscow Stock Exchange, but get an error message. Any suggestions?

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