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A simple and easy configurable plugin that allows you to insert inline stock quotes with stock price information (data provided by Google Finance). Insertion is enabled by shortcode.

Google in September 2017 completely abandoned free stock API we used for Stock Quote plugin. That is reason why plugin does not work anymore. We’ll try to find other stock resource allowed by rules and update plugin. If you have any advise or example of free stock API, feel free to contact me!

As soon as I find good alternative for Google Finance allowed for plugins hosted on, and implement new API to plugin, I’ll release new version of plugin and publish update on this page and in community threads and

Stock Quote is simplified, static inline variation of Stock Ticker plugin.


How to use?

Use simple shortcode [stock_quote] without any parameter in post or page, to display quote with default (global) settings.

You can tune single shortcode with parameters:

  • symbol – string with single stock symbol
  • show – string that define how will company be represent in quote; can be name for Company Name, or symbol for Stock Symbol
  • zero – string with HEX colour value of unchanged quote
  • minus – string with HEX colour value of negative quote change
  • plus – string with HEX colour value of positive quote change
  • nolink – disable links for single quotes
  • class – custom class for quote item, if you wish some special styling


Get latest version below, download from WordPress page or find and install in your Dashboard from Plugins → Add New

or visit official WordPress page

6 thoughts on “Stock Quote”

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you for contacting us!
      Unfortunately, Stock Quote plug-in for WordPress can link only to Google Finance stock page because that website is used as a source of stock data.
      Some custom Java Script can replace target URL, but that will not work perfect because symbols are different on Google Finance and TMX Money. Example for GOOG symbol:

  1. Restored a back up of our site but getting this now:
    Unfortunately, we could not get stock quote SPNI this time

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