Time Machine

Time Machine

Time Machine is extension for WordPress that, in general, provides widget to list posts published on same day in past.

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  • Set number of headlines to list
  • Set custom message to be displayed when there is no posts for current day in past
  • Optional include pages in listing
  • Optional exclude current year
  • Set offset, offset direction (before, after or both) and chose time range (disabled, hours, days, weeks and months)
  • Optional displaying excerpt and set custom excerpt length
  • Set excerpt prefix and suffix (HTML tags)
  • Print only public posts (drafts are excluded)
  • Excludes password protected posts (there is option to include them)
  • Valid XHTML 1.1


Or visit official WordPress.org page here http://wordpress.org/plugins/time-machine/


Time Machine is easy to install, same as any other extension. You can do it manual or automatic.

  1. For manual installation: download, unpack archive and upload directory time-machine to wp-content/plugins/ directory on your hosting server with some FTP client (I recommend free and safe FileZilla).
  2. For automatic installation: go to Plugins → Add New, enter keyword time machine, click Search button, click link Install Now.


After activation on Plugins page, add widget to sidebar on Appearance → Widgets, and proceed with widget configuration.

What is “Time range”?

By default, Time Machine will list only posts published on same month day in past years. But, you can set offset and force displaying posts published, for example, on same day and three days before (if today is October 10th, you’ll get posts published in range from October 7th to October 10th in previous years).

Опције виџета Time Machine 0.0.6
Time Machine 0.0.6


Time Machine са приказаним бројем чланака
Time Machine with enabled displaying number of comments


Thanks to all of you who use Time Machine.

Note about Google News

Obragblog noticed “issue” with Time Machine on our WP support forum.

Just a note of caution for folks working to rank in Google news… this plugin does exactly what the author says it will, I thought it was a great feature but shortly after implementing it Google News stopped picking up any posts.

Investigating this through Google webmaster tools showed me that links in the Time Machine sidebar widget were causing Google to reindex old posts and killed my ranking as articles had “Date too old“. A few days after I disabled the plugin google news is back, but it really killed my traffic for about a week.

And we appreciate your support

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