WordPress plugins, tips and tricks
  • YouTube Channel

    YouTube Channel Improve YouTube media experience through feature rich widgets and shortcodes.

  • Stock Ticker

    Stock Ticker Easy display ticker tape with stock quotes. Handy for financial websites.

  • Stock Quote

    With Stock Quote easy add static inline stock quote. Handy for financial websites.

  • Posts per Cat

    Posts per Cat Advanced grouping posts based on categories. For latest or rich sitemaps.

  • Time Machine

    Time Machine Do your readers know what you blog on current day last year?

  • WP Translit

    WP Translit Quickly serve Serbian Latin content on Cyrillic website

Welcome to DevYard!

Congratulations! You just landed to my own WordPress playground!

As you can see, this site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION, but there is some stuff under Plugins navigation menu item.

If you look better, there you can find some cool free WordPress plugins, like YouTube ChannelPosts per CatTime MachineStock Ticker and WP Translit.

Check below future of YouTube Channel 3 (Display:Gallery in action)