SylZilla ver. 0.1.6 for Sylpheed Claws

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What is this?

SylZilla is theme package for Sylpheed Claws based on Mozilla Modern icons.

Why SylZilla?

I was not satisfied with existing icon themes for Sylpheed Claws in the middle of 2003, so I realized that I needed new theme. Because I already made Bat!Zilla theme for The Bat!, I just port it for Claws.

Then I on June 18, 2003 beggin with adapting Bat!Zilla icons and name it SylZilla, as parts of names Sylpheed and Mozilla.

Who's author?

Author is Aleksandar Urošević who also created theme Gnomaws.

And, how does this looks like?

U can see how SylZilla looks on toolbars and mailbox tree on the bottom of this page. Screens bellow are in Serbian Cyrillic.

Hmm... I think that I already saw this somewhere...

That's half true. In facts, ptiJo made Mozilla Sylpheed Claws theme based on Mozilla Mail icons. But, I'm not so satisfied with them, so I (re)made my own theme.

OK, where can I get it?

You can download SylZilla package from there (24KB). Read ChangeLog.

SylZilla also available on and Sylpheed Claws Themes.

What I can do with this?

Fell free to use it, spread it, modify it, all under terms of GNU GPL version 2 or newer.

Main toolbar

Message display toolbar

Mail compose toolbar

Directory tree
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